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Building Healthy Habits for Sustainable Wellness


Kristen Soinski, MPH and fitness guru, shares simple habits for sustainable wellness. This self-guided course breaks down barriers and gives easy solutions for how you can make changes to increase overall wellness starting today! The course is will cover the following modules around nutrition, movement, and self-care: 1. Eating Healthy When Busy and Developing Nutrition Habits that Stick 2. Movement Matters, a Realistic Approach to Sustainable Physical Activity 3. Prioritize Yourself, Self-Care, and Stress Management Matters About Kristen Soinski I am passionate about spreading knowledge and awareness to Public Health. Public Health has allowed me to pursue my passion for helping others understand the many aspects of health and wellness, how to live our healthiest life, and how to make a difference in our community. I received my Bachelors of Science in Health from Ohio University and my Masters in Public Health from Cleveland State University. During my time at Ohio University, I developed a strong passion for combatting health inequities and disparities in our nation. I work at Paragon Health & Fitness as a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Marketing Manager. I utilize Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms) in my training practice to offer a scientific approach to fitness.




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