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Beat the Cold Weather Blues – Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Kids (Part 1)

Winter break for most kids begins next week! For the first few days, most kids will just be so happy to be out of school that any activity will go. But once the holidays have passed, there will be several days when the “I’m bored!” chorus may start. It’s a good idea to have a list of activities ready now to be prepared.

Outdoor Activities

If it’s not too cold, send the kids outside! Outdoor activities will burn more energy than most indoor. When properly bundled in coats, hats, snow pants and gloves, most kids can handle temperatures of 32 F and above for 60 minutes or more. As a general guideline, pay attention to wind chill when accounting for temperature. This handy chart from outlines what temperatures – both hot and cold – are appropriate for outdoor play. Try these activities with your kids:

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood (evening bonus – holiday lights!)

  • Go to the playground! It’s almost guaranteed to be a lot less busy than summer months.

  • Kids will love to help with YOUR outdoor chores – raking leaves, shoveling the driveway.

  • If it’s snowing, sledding on hills or just around your yard is a fun way to sneak in exercise for both you and your kids!

  • Visit your local nature park and go for a hike, noticing the differences at this time of year versus when you may have gone during the summer.

  • Most zoos are open year round – and so much less crowded than during the summer. Plus the animals are more likely to be active and moving when it’s cooler outside.

Indoor Activities

On those days when it’s just too cold to go outside, find fun things to do inside. There are tons of activities to do that will keep active minds and bodies engaged.

  • Kids will love helping with indoor chores as well – folding towels, baking cookies, or helping prepare a meal.

  • Host a family game tournament!

  • Read a book either together or separately then discuss it together as a family. (The book Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a great book for the whole family, which is also a movie currently in theaters. Plus the author just released a picture book for younger kids titled We’re all Wonders.)

  • Just because it’s too cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Check out the various museums that your city offers, such as an art museum (usually free), children’s museum or history center.

  • Involve your kids in your workout! Stream an online video (such as one of the yoga or mindfulness videos from and complete the exercises together.

And if you and your kids get to the absolute end of your rope? Don’t worry, school starts again in just a few weeks!

For more yoga and mindfulness activities for your home and classroom, visit Subscriptions start at just $9 per month.

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