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Fun Activities for Winter Break

Winter break is just short enough and packed in with holidays that there can be a lot of hustle and bustle happening. Family get togethers and obligations – plus homework and papers to correct – can get in the way of actually taking a break. But don’t forget to take some time for you and your family and just have fun!

Most cities have an ice skating rink, either outside (if you live somewhere cold) or an indoor rink. Ice skating is a great wintery activity that your whole family can enjoy. Plus it’s great exercise for burning off energy and those extra cookies in which you may have indulged. Don’t have skates? No problem. Most rinks, even the outdoor ones, have skates you can rent.

Prefer an activity that’s still active, but maybe a little less – icy? Take the family to your nearest bowling alley! Another game that all ages can enjoy – most establishments can accommodate even the youngest guests with bumper bowling (let’s be honest, many adults would still love to use the bumpers too!) You can choose to keep score, or not, but keeping score is a great math lesson for your kids!

If you find yourselves with a spare night at home together, host a game tournament. You can teach your children to play cards with pennies – another math lesson. If you don’t know how to play, there is usually a card in most decks that outlines the different ways to win. Or try a family game of Monopoly (math plus negotiating skills) – pair off in teams if your family is large or friends are over.

Here are some more of our favorite ideas from Mommy Poppins that don’t require a lot of materials:

  • Build a city or landmark out of Legos/blocks

  • Play “I Spy” or 20 questions

  • Bake your favorite batch of cookies

  • Have a dance party

  • Make paper bag or sock puppets and put on a show

  • Curl up with your favorite book or watch a family favorite movie

  • Grab some blankets, sheets, pillows and whatever else you can find to make a fort

  • Do some yoga

Most importantly, enjoy your time off together – you deserve it!

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