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Healthy Tips for Getting Through December

The end of the year is a time filled with end-of-year parties and family gatherings. Combine yummy appetizers with frothy holiday drinks and subtract gym time from dinner parties and by the time January is here you’ll be feeling less than your best. Try these tips to combat sluggishness and stick to your healthy routine!

Even though those appetizers may seem small, they quickly add up. A typical bite size starter is around 100 calories. To avoid overeating, use a smaller plate, like the salad size, and don’t pile food on top of each other.

Holiday drinks (alcoholic or not) are one of the main culprits of empty calories. Drink slowly and alternate drinks with a large glass of water. And keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum or avoid altogether if you are driving!

When entertaining and visiting are eating up all your gym time, try breaking up your workouts into smaller chunks. Wake up a half hour earlier and do a quick strength routine, focusing on lower body one day and upper body the next day. Take walks around your building (or outside if you live in a warm area) during your breaks. A step counting device like a FitBit can help ensure that you reach your step goal everyday, but if you don’t have one of those, there are pedometer apps for most smart phones. Here are some additional tips with 5 Winter Workouts that Boost Your Metabolism from Positive Health Wellness.

You can even shrink your yoga routine for efficiency. Create your own sequence from favorite poses, or try one of ours from amaZEN U. All videos are organized by your desired outcome: Calm & Focused, Balanced, or Energized.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself! Don’t get frustrated if you have a “bad” day – just get right back to your routine tomorrow.

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