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National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Healthy Lifestyles Month

November is National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Healthy Lifestyles Month, a month dedicated to celebrating all the people who work daily to promote healthy lifestyles for students, including parents, teachers, families, students and administrators. Since students spend most of their days at school, it is important that educators and parents are aligned in offering ample opportunities for mind and body exercises.

Children, especially younger kids, require physical activity and brain breaks to excel during the academic times of school. Plus, since kids learn so much through play, recess or free time is a necessary part of the school day!

Here are a few ways you can work with your child's school or teacher regarding creating healthy habits:

  • Inquire about what physical activities are offered during the day and for how long

  • Ask if kids have access to playground equipment or outside time, and if the school needs any outdoor play items (jump ropes, balls, etc.)

  • Send healthy snacks in for the class (ask the teacher first), such as fruit, veggies and dip or other alternatives

  • Introduce your school or teachers to ZENworks Yoga and the many FREE resources we have available for teachers and parents.

It's often said – because it's true – that raising kids takes a village! Students benefit when their parents and teachers regularly interact and work together for common goals. Introducing healthy habits now helps students excel in school and continue those habits long after school is over.


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