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Outdoor Exercises for the Inner Child in You!

Summer vacation is finally here (or really super close)! Use your extra time to jump start your healthy habits or maintain what you are already doing well. Act like you’re a kid again – shake up your summer workouts with activities you loved as a child!

Roller skating

Roller skating burns nearly 600 calories per hour and works most major muscle groups in your body, including glutes, calves, quads, abs, arms and heart. It also causes 50 percent less shock to joints than running. If you are a little wobbly at first, wear protective equipment like knee and shoulder pads and a helmet, and start in a park where there is smooth pavement (not your neighborhood’s mismatched sidewalks).


If you aren’t a fan of working out in the heat, or don’t like to sweat, then swimming is for you! Swimming is gentle on your joints, and because you won’t over heat, you may be able to do it longer than other activities. It’s an entire body workout, using your arms, legs, core, and back. And it requires very little equipment (besides the pool) – just a suit and goggles!


Burning nearly 400 calories per hour, biking is a much more versatile workout than you may think. You can do it indoors or out, on city roads or dirt paths through a park. Alternating between flat courses or hills helps keep it interesting and challenging. You can also use a bike to incorporate exercise in sneaky ways. Ride your bike to work once or twice a week, or pack a picnic and take a leisurely ride with your kids. You’ll use your quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips and core.

Jump roping

Jump ropes are cheap and can travel almost anywhere! Besides for the obvious cardio and strengthening benefits, jumping rope is a great mental workout because it requires so much coordination. Because it’s such a high intensity workout, you will want to take frequent breaks, or work in an alternative exercise, such as planks or other isometric poses. Jumping rope uses your entire body – legs, glutes, shoulders and arms.

Here’s to a happy and healthy summer!

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