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Planning a Classroom Party that All Students Can Enjoy

Just a few more weeks till school is out for winter break! Many classrooms will choose to throw a holiday party during the last week before break. Hosting a party that is inclusive of all kids shouldn’t be a hassle – with just a little thought it can be a fun event for all your students!

Solicit volunteer help from some of the parents in your room, and assign different responsibilities to groups of them. For example, a group of parents can be responsible for decorations. Another group can bring snacks. A few of the parents can plan and gather materials for a holiday craft or game.

How do you ensure that a classroom party will be fun for all students? Make sure it’s inclusive of all students! Snacks should be allergen friendly for everyone – not just the kids who have allergies. Having separate snacks will make kids who have allergies feel singled out. Plus depending on the severity of the allergy they could still have a reaction from exposure.

If you have students in your room who have issues with over stimulation or sensory, arrange to have a quiet room separate from your party where these students can go if they become overwhelmed and need a break. There may be some students who wish to spend the entire party in this quieter room, and that’s ok! Just have an adult to supervise – another volunteer job for a parent!

Through thoughtful planning and help, a holiday classroom party can be just as fun for you as it is for your students!

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