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Soar Like an Eagle

What it is – If you are looking for a quick activity that challenges your students both physically and mentally, Eagle is a great pose to try. It’s fun for younger students as they learn to balance, but also difficult enough to keep your older students interested.

Why we love it – Eagle pose has several benefits including the cross lateral movements help to improve concentration. It also helps to strengthen the ankles and calves, while it stretches thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back. Try this pose when the students need a mental break to refocus their energy and attention, such as immediately after changing classes or activities.

How to do it – Try this modified Eagle Pose with your students:

  1. Stand next your chair and place your right hand on the chair for balance.

  2. Breathe in as you cross the left foot over the right and bend your knees.

  3. Stare at one spot on the floor in front of you. That is your focus.

  4. Cross your left arm to your right shoulder.

  5. Keep your focus and breathe slowly.

  6. Stay here in Eagle Pose for three more breaths.

  7. If you want to test your balance, cross your right arm to your left shoulder. Two more breaths.

  8. If you lose your balance, just get back into your pose again. One more breath.

  9. Breathe in and uncross your arms and legs and stretch up.

  10. Breathe out, as you bring arms down, foot down, and come back to where you started next to your chair.

  11. Switch sides and repeat.

For people who don’t have perfect balance, it’s helpful to start with their foot on the floor in a tip toe position.

Little kids will love relating this to the eagle bird, and incorporating bird motions. Older kids will like this pose for the challenge!

Access the amaZEN U versions here: Eagle 1 (younger students) or Eagle 2 (older students).

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