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Spotlight on Forward Fold & Rag Doll Pose

What it is: One of the most basic postures in yoga, this pose can be easily done anywhere, including seated in a chair. It’s great to use to re-center your classroom after a class change or in between subjects.

Why we love it: Even people who have never been to a yoga class will be able to get in and out of this pose with ease. It helps relieve stress while stretching the hamstrings, calves and hips, while also aiding in digestion and relieving headaches and anxiety.

How to do it:

  1. Stand tall arms at your sides. Press your feet into the floor.

  2. Breathe as you lift your arms out and up over your head.

  3. Breathe out and fold over your legs until you feel a stretch.

  4. Bend your knees if the stretch is too tight.

  5. Stay here in Rag Doll for three, deep, slow breaths in and out.

  6. Breathe in. Let your head hang heavy. Breathe out. Three more breaths.

  7. Breathe in. Let your arms dangle loose. Breathe out. Two more breaths.

  8. Breathe in. Do you feel like a rag doll? Breathe out. One more breath.

  9. Breathe in as you press your feet into the floor and roll up slowly. Come back to standing.

  10. Stand tall, breathe out.

  11. Bring one hand to your heart and one hand to your belly. Notice your heart beating notice your breath. Bending forward can help you feel calmer if you are worried or nervous.

There are several videos for different age levels on the AmaZEN U website with Rag Doll and Forward Fold 1 or Rag Doll and Forward Fold 2 poses. A monthly subscription is only $5 – and your first month is free!


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