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Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month and has been celebrated every April since 1992. Stress is inevitable, but after the last few years with the uncertainties and changes from the pandemic, stress levels have increased. Individuals have more challenges presented that are causing them to have strong emotions, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and ultimately more stressed.

While a little bit of stress isn’t necessarily bad, as stressors continue to present themselves and stress builds up our health begins to become affected. It is beneficial to have a few tools up your sleeve to help you manage stress.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a few ways to help you cope with stress include…

  • Taking care of your body - Practice taking deep breaths, work on eating healthy and balanced meals, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly.

  • Making time to unwind, take part in activities that make you happy!

  • Connecting with others - Talk with individuals you trust about your concerns and how you may be feeling.

Being able to acknowledge our stress and what contributes to it will allow us to better cope.

ZENworks Yoga has been providing yoga and mindfulness services to students in the Cleveland, Oh community for over 10 years allowing us to see first hand the benefits yoga and mindfulness provide. We have recently expanded our reach by providing our yoga and mindfulness services online and sharing tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle across our social media. Yoga and mindfulness improves self regulation, encourages calm, can-do attitudes, lessens stress and anxiety, reduces the effects of toxic stress and energizes ones mind and body. While we primarily focus on efforts in the school setting, we take pride in sharing our knowledge and expertise to everyone through our online resources such as our brief and full length videos!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness check out our white paper.

As always, take time to Pause.Breathe.Reset.

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