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Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

Now that you are back in school, it may seem like winter is endless. Summer is far away and the cold weather can drag people down. Plus it seems there is a never ending supply of cold and flu viruses, which your students are only too happy to share with you and each other. Below we offer some preventative ideas that may help guard against illness.

1. Wash your hands!

It can’t be said enough. Hand washing is the #1 way to prevent germs from spreading. Lead by example. If your students and family see you regularly washing your hands, they will follow suit. More clean hands mean less shared sickness. Keep lotion on your desk or stashed in your school bag if your hands start to chap or become dry.

2. Stay active.

People who are regularly active are healthier overall. Healthy people tend to get sick less, plus have stronger immune systems. Commit an hour of exercise most days of the week. Encourage your family to take a walk together in the evening (bundle up if you live in a cold area!) or try some of the AmaZEN U yoga videos together – they can be used both in your classroom with your students or at home with your family.

3. Stock up on prevention remedies.

Vitamin C and Zinc have been proven to improve immune system function. Both can be purchased as vitamins from your local pharmacy or drug store. Other natural remedies you can try include garlic, ginseng, and echinacea. (

If you or someone in your family do come down with a cold or flu, it’s extremely important that you take care of yourself and rest. Stay home from school or work (and encourage your students do the same if they are sick) and drink plenty of fluids such as water or tea. You need to rest plus staying at home will prevent spreading the germs to someone else.

Here’s to a happy and healthy rest of winter!

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