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Turning Morning Energy into Learning Energy!

Children go through several periods per day of high energy, then low energy. If you don’t have a way to manage these periods of activity and inactivity, they can become disruptive to your classroom. But if you use that energy and channel it into a positive outlet, it can actually help your students be more focused and create some learning energy!

One of the most chaotic periods of the day is when students first arrive in the morning. It’s a time of lots of hustle and bustle as students arrive and put away their coats and get settled. Doing a quick yoga and mindfulness video from amaZEN U can help you harness that morning energy and channel it toward a productive morning.

The “Washing Machine Breath 1” video encourages students to slow down and match their breath to their movements. This activity connects the brain with the body and helps kids relieve any anxiety or stress they may be experiencing. If you begin each day with this or a similar exercise, it acts as a signal to your students that the school day is about to begin and it’s time to calm down. Compare this to the warm up you do before you begin a vigorous workout, or the breathing exercises at the beginning of a yoga class. Your brain is being primed for the work ahead.

Conversely, you can also incorporate an activity or exercise at the end of the school day that signals to your students that the day is over. Try the “Bee Breath” video, which helps to soothe an overactive mind and encourages relaxation. Perfect after a full day of learning in the classroom!

Try these exercises in your classroom and watch as your students refocus their energy toward learning! All of these are quick and easy, which is great when you need something on the fly!

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