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ZEN at Home – Yoga for Connection

In this day and age of communicating through text messages, coordinating schedules via digital calendars, and dinners on-the-go….it seems as if we are always on the move. I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes feel like I go all day without taking a moment to pause, breathe and reset. This fast-paced lifestyle can keep us feeling disconnected from ourselves, and from each other. Even though we share physical space with our families, it takes conscious effort to be emotionally and mentally present for those we love. And the thing is, connection begets connection. The more effort we put towards making space for others to feel seen, heard, validated and loved, the more we experience those gifts ourselves.

Here is a brief exercise that you can try at home (we suggest using as a tool to wind down before bed) to pause and breathe with your kiddos or even your partner. It’s a simple, yet powerful, way to connect and experience the present moment with one another.

Back to Back Breathing

  1. Sit down on the floor, back to back with your child or partner.

  2. Reach back and link arms with one another.

  3. Gently lean toward one another, sitting up as tall as you can with a nice long spine.

  4. Let your shoulders relax and pay attention to your breathing.

  5. Slowly breathe in and out through your nose, noticing how your chest, belly and/or back move as you inhale and exhale.

  6. As you continue to breathe slow and steady you might notice, or feel, each other breathing.

  7. In fact, you might even start to move at the same speed. Take 3-5 breaths more together, and then release your arms.

  8. Notice how you feel and share your experience.

Remember to always take a moment to Pause. Breathe. Reset with your loved ones and finds those small moments of connection.

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