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ZENworks Yoga // Meet the Board Member Vicki McDonald

Meet ZENworks Yoga’s board member and former instructor, Vicki McDonald!

What inspired you to become a ZENworks Yoga board member?

I strongly believe in the benefits of yoga, especially for the treatment of chronic stress and the advancement of general well being; I wanted these benefits to be accessible to the people who need it most. Fifteen years ago, yoga in our community didn’t feel inclusive, it was mostly available to people who could afford it and who lived in proximity to a yoga studio. When Sonya Patel (founder and executive director) brought ZENworks to Cleveland, I was so excited about the potential of bringing yoga and mindfulness into under-resourced communities. I’m so proud to serve in this organization and think we’ve done incredible work to bring a lasting impact to our students and their families.

What is one of your favorite moments as part of ZENworks?

I love our board and spending time with them but my favorite ZENworks moments have actually been in the classroom. I started with the organization as a teacher and the students are magical! I liked seeing their growth and how much they loved their practice.

What is your favorite yoga practice and why?

I have a lot of favorites but right now I am really enjoying prasarita padottanasana (wide-legged forward fold). I love forward folds and inversions because they are great places to hang out in and be reflective plus this pose is so balanced – providing strength, flexibility and rest all in one.


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