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ZENworks Yoga // Meet the Instructor Theresa Zele

What inspired you to become a children’s yoga teacher?

I loved the idea of helping children recognize that they hold the power to control their emotions and create their own happiness.

What is one of your favorite classroom memories as ZENworks instructor?

During the Kindness themed week, I filled a dish tub with water and showed them how one little pebble created ripples in the water. We talked about ripples of kindness that they could create in their classroom, their homes and their neighborhoods. Everything clicked and they all recognized that their actions mattered.

What is your favorite yoga practice and why?

Throughout any practice, I love to check-in with my heart and have the students check-in with their hearts. Whether the heart has slowed down because of breathing or quickened because of a round of sun salutations, I love the immediate feedback our bodies give us


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