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ZENworks Yoga Meet the Instructor // Elyse Morckel

What inspired you to become a children’s yoga teacher?

When I was in teacher training, we were asked to think about when we first found yoga, and then when we wished we would have found it. When I reflected on the prompt, I wished I could have been introduced to yoga at an earlier time in my life. Growing up I had a lot of anxiety and self-image issues. I became a children’s yoga instructor to share with kids the tools they can use to manage situations that they encounter on a daily basis, and apply those tools and skills into adulthood!

What is one of your favorite classroom memories as a ZENworks instructor?

I have so many amazing memories from my first year as a lead instructor from all the schools that I was lucky to work with. It is hard to choose just one, but those really special days always left me with a warm feeling in my heart. Walking into the classroom and seeing students with smiles on their faces eager to learn our lesson for the week is simply the best. Also, when I was able to observe some noticeable growth in an individual student whether that means remembering their sun salutation sequence for the first time, or a student really nailing positive class behavior, those were my favorite memories by far.

What is your favorite yoga practice and why?

I am a big fan of restorative yoga. The current structure of my life has me constantly on the go and sometimes I feel that my energy is just lost in all different directions. Restorative is a great way to bring me back to quiet and stillness through connection to my breath, allowing me to find both mental and physical clarity, and enabling me to use my energy going forward efficiently. But if you invite me to a hot power vinyasa, I’ll come sweat it out and enjoy it just as much!


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