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Come Teach with Us

Our training programs are led through a trauma informed and social emotional learning framework, with emphasis on accessibility, accountability, empowerment and belonging.

ZENworks Yoga Instructor Intensive

ZWY Instructor Intensive.png

We are seeking mission aligned folks who are passionate about shifting the wellness narrative in under-resourced schools through the practices of mindfulness and yoga.


Our instructor intensive program is for anyone with a background or interest in yoga, mindfulness, social emotional learning, mental health, education or related fields.


This immersive, 45 hour training is specialized to meet the nuance of serving our core population in the school setting, and eliminates the barrier of having a traditional 200 hour yoga teacher certification.


Graduates of the program will be certified to facilitate our signature 20 week curriculum within a community of partner schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan and surrounding districts. 

Download ZWY Instructor Intensive Information Sheet here.

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