Our Impact

Impacting entire communities, one child at a time

As we strive to advance our mission and improve health and education equality for all, we have a continued commitment to expanding in-school programs within the schools we serve. We’re aspiring towards reaching teachers outside of the schools we serve, knowing that educators have a profound effect on student outcomes. We are refining our family and community engagement strategies to support families and members of the community we personally serve.

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Serving NEO & Beyond

ZENworks Yoga has brought ZEN to over 5,500 children in underserved schools & community organizations around Northeast Ohio and access to online resources across the country


Cleveland Metropolitan School District:

  • A. B. Hart

  • Almira

  • Artemus Ward

  • Douglas MacArthur

  • Halle

  • Hannah Gibbons

  • Joseph M Gallagher

  • Marion Sterling

  • Marion Seltzer

  • Patrick Henry

  • Tremont Montessori

  • Walton

  • Waverly

  • Wilbur Wright

  • Willson​

Chardon Hills Elementary (Euclid Schools)

Maple Heights School District

  • Barack Obama Elementary

  • John F. Kennedy Elementary 

Schumacher Elementary (Akron Schools)

* Represents 2019-2020 Scholarship Schools

What Students Say...

Transcending gender, race, and socioeconomic status, yoga provides a noncompetitive and fun way for students to pause, breathe, and reset.

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Students say the program makes them feel...

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What Teachers Say...

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"With yoga, it's a time that they can reach for that emotional support to make them take a step back, and pause and think about what has happened and they can move on."

-Second Grade Teacher

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See Our Impact Over The Years

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