Daily opportunities for students, staff, and families to


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BONUS: Almost all of the videos can be completed without any extra equipment. Just press play!


Brain Breaks

Our easy-to-use platform helps you choose just the right videos for your students based on their current mood. Videos feature real students, are less than 5 minutes, and are the perfect brain break!

Use during transitions, before or after lunch and recess, during morning meeting or before tests.

Full Length Classes

Join our ZENworks Yoga instructors as they lead us through a series of breathing exercises, yoga movements, and mindfulness activities in these full-length 30 minute classes. These can be done on a yoga mat, a large towel or blanket or any soft floor. No special equipment is needed!

Perfect for families or children in grades k-5.

Reset Series

Follow along with our Reset series, as our ZENworks Yoga instructors take you through family-friendly yoga and mindfulness techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Whether you or your children are feeling frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed and/or having trouble sleeping, this short series of videos provides yoga practices to help you manage these feelings without any special equipment.

Chair Sequences for Adults

Perfect short sequences for parents, educators, and all adults to incorporate in their daily practice.

These are also appropriate for older teens and young adults.