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Program Philosophy

Our Approach

We are committed to creating change and growth in a child’s life through four core competencies.

We do this via implementing a vetted curriculum aimed to EMPOWER and CONNECT students by introducing the following objectives aligned with social-emotional learning standards.

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What Makes Us Unique

Tailored Approach: When we are working within our Cleveland communities, we tailor our programs to directly meet the needs of the specific students and staff we are targeting. We understand that different schools and community organizations will face different challenges, and need focus to be placed on different areas, which is why we are proud to provide classes that are developmentally appropriate and differentiated for each child/individual.

Evidence-Based Curriculum: Our team is dedicated to curriculum and uses a proprietary proven 20-week yoga and mindfulness curriculum that is taught in a developmentally appropriate manner supporting social-emotional learning competencies.

Trained Instructors:  All ZENworks instructors complete an immersive 45 hour training program, specialized to meet the nuance of serving our core population in an under -resourced school setting. This includes trauma informed yoga and mindfulness, social and emotional learning strategies, an emphasis on equity and belonging and more. We also place a heavy focus on continuing professional development for our instructors, once they join our team. Each one of our instructors has completed an FBI/BCI background check as well as carry their own liability insurance.

Collaborative Approach:  We frequently partner with other non-profits and organizations that promote the same idea of physical and mental health through yoga and mindfulness. We pride ourselves in taking a collaboration over competition approach.

Why Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga is uniting the body, mind, and breath. Yoga poses strengthen the body and calm the mind through breathing.

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose to what is happening in this present moment, without reacting.

Improves Self-Regulation
Encourages Calm Can-Do Attitudes
Lessens Stress and Anxiety
Reduces Effects of Toxic Stress
Energize Student's Body and Mind

Teach students how to calm their body and mind to focus.

Boost resilience, determination, and optimism.

Increase executive functioning to support optimal learning environments.

Strengthen pathways to build neural connections.

Improve cognitive and physical performance at school and at home.

Children in today’s society are flooded with stress and overstimulation. They face ongoing challenges related to increased pressures in school, demands from testing, competition for success, and technological advancement.

Cleveland’s urban youth also have unique social-emotional risks associated with poverty, street violence, family instability and fighting, peer-based violence, prejudice, and discrimination. As children are exposed to traumatic stress, they face many health disparities that are out of their control and are specific to their environment, such as impaired nervous system development, delayed learning, and poorer mental and physical health.

While the school provides academic support, ZENworks Yoga intervenes to teach students to develop emotional regulation skills that are essential for academic success and lifelong resiliency.

Read our white paper to learn more about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness

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