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Student Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions

Expose students to regular yoga and mindfulness lessons to help build resilience and executive functioning skills.

Each class will focus on yoga movements, mindfulness, and space to connect and reset.  

Classes are tailored by age for grades Pre-K through 12.

  • Regularly scheduled 1-hour yoga and mindfulness classes on school grounds (this series is available with weekly, monthly, or quarterly options) Classes can be split into two (2) consecutive 30-minute sessions or three (3) consecutive 20-minute sessions.

  • Classes are limited to 25 students per session.

  • Classes will follow the ZENworks Yoga curriculum, highlighting Social Emotional Learning.

  • Each class includes movement, breathing practices, mindfulness meditation, and space to rest.

  • Classes are led by certified yoga instructors who have experience working with school communities.

  • Instruction is suited for all levels and can be modified to fit the needs of students. All levels and abilities welcome.

  • Classes can be done with or without mats (based on preference and space).

  • Classes can be scheduled before, during, or after school.

  • Virtual sessions available.

One Hour Assembly

A brief assembly, separated by grade levels to introduce students to yoga and mindfulness techniques that can be practiced virtually anywhere.

  • Students will participate in a 1-hour assembly focused on yoga and mindfulness, separated by grade level/band 

  • Each grade level/band will receive one hour of education mixed with fun, interactive, practical application. 

  • Throughout this assembly all techniques will have students remain seated (or standing), no equipment required.  Student volunteers will help with demonstrations.

  • Classes are led by certified instructors with experience leading children. All education and application can be used in the classroom and at home. 

  • Students will take away educational materials to share with their families. 

School Family Program

Let's get families involved! This program brings families together to help build a basic understanding of the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in our everyday lives. Invite ZENworks Yoga to your next school family or community event! 

  • This program provides an opportunity for students and their families to learn and practice yoga and mindfulness techniques together to support connection and empowerment at home and in the community.  

  • Programs include education on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, breathing practices, accessible movement and mindfulness activities.

  • No equipment or experience necessary. 

  • Through the program, participants have the opportunity to connect with their families and peers in a fun, interactive and non-competitive setting. 

  • Take away resources will be provided.

Student Wellness Day

Community building activities for students to introduce them to different health and wellness topics. An opportunity that is accessible for all students and perfect for incorporating movement and creating common language throughout the school.


  • The “on wheels” opportunity includes a 30-minute community “kickoff” meeting, introducing students and staff to the foundations of yoga, mindfulness, and the value of connection with others. The remainder of the day allows ZENworks Yoga instructors to travel to individual classrooms and deliver a 25-minute interactive lesson on the connection between the brain, breath, and body. 

  • Students will learn a variety of breathing techniques to help with self-regulation, movements that shift energy in the body to help with learning availability, and mindfulness practices that teach present moment awareness.

  • Each lesson will end with a culminating activity that promotes accountability, teamwork, and fosters classroom community growth.

  • This program allows students to remain in their classroom, with minimal distractions for a more personal and meaningful experience. 

F U L L  D A Y ( “FIELD DAY” ) 

  • The “field day” style program includes a 30 minute community “kickoff” meeting, introducing students and staff to the foundations of yoga, mindfulness, and the value of connection. The remainder of the day is spent with students rotating to various stations located in a large space (i.e. field, gymnasium, cafeteria). 

  • Each station will feature a different component of the Pause, Breathe, Reset toolbox for self-regulation, wellness, and team building.  Stations will run for 15-20 minutes.

  • Students will receive an interactive participation booklet that will coordinate with each station visit and has additional information, resources, and activities. 

  • Student will receive a token of participation at each station that will build a take-home mindfulness tool at the end of the day.

  • The program culminates with a community meeting in which all participants can demonstrate what they’ve learned by moving together through a series of breaths, poses, and affirmations or contributing to a school-wide art piece. The community meetings are optional and can be grouped by grade level, if applicable.


**The “On Wheels” and “Field Day” options can be run as half day opportunities with modifications that meet the needs of your building and/or community.

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