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Our commitment to your school community

We are here for you and are committed to being a partner in your school's wellness journey. 

Whether you're searching for staff, professional development, programming for students, or a workshop for families, we can help. 

On a Video Call

On Demand Workshops

Join our team as we present different workshops throughout the year.  Our workshops will focus on the opportunity to dive deeper into different yoga and mindfulness techniques with concrete practices and engaging content.


Professional Development

Our professional development programs focus on furthering the education of you and your staff on different health and wellness topics.  Our programs will provide you with interactive and educational community-building opportunities. Program content will all be beneficial to your staff personally but can also be and is encouraged to be used in the classroom with the students.


Student & Family Programs

We offer single and ongoing programs, assemblies, and workshops for your students and their families. These programs will encourage your students to engage in different health and wellness techniques with a focus on yoga and mindfulness.  Yoga and mindfulness techniques can help boost academic success and are proven to help manage stress, anxiety, and self-regulation.

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