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Making the Most of Your Weekend

Your weekend days are precious. They are the few hours you have to focus on yourself and your family’s needs each week. A time for you to get the things done you don’t have time for during the week, but also to recharge so you can be your best self on Monday morning. We’re here to help you get the most out of your weekends!

Having the best weekend starts while you are still at school Friday afternoon. Do your best to get all your school work done before you go home for the weekend. That way, you don’t have to worry about work while you are at home or busy with your family.

Since you are already used to being up early, schedule any shopping trips for early in the morning. Most stores won’t yet be busy at that time, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to sneak out of the house before your kids and spouse wake up, thus considerably shortening the amount of time that you will be running your errands.

During the afternoon, you can work on things around your house, or spend time with your kids. More than likely, if you have school age children, you will be busy shuttling them around to their various activities. If you are spectating, try to stay engaged, so that you can talk about their event with them after (ex: “That was a great shot you made in the second quarter! Have you been practicing that with your coach?”)

Saturday nights should be reserved for something fun. “Fun” is different for everyone – maybe you like to go out with your friends and catch up at a restaurant; perhaps a family game night at home is more your thing. Either way, spend that time doing fun things with the people you care about.

Sunday mornings are a great time to fit in some physical activity. Take a walk, either alone or as a family, or sneak out to a yoga class at your favorite studio. You can also check out the yoga videos at (FREE for the first month!) and do a few at home – go through them and bookmark some for your class! The rest of Sunday can be spent doing things you won’t have time for during the week – yard work, cleaning, catching up on your TV shows, whatever!

Hopefully on Monday you’ll feel refreshed and ready to be in the moment for the students who depend on you!

Share with us some of your best “making the most of your weekend” tips – email!

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