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Spotlight on Sun Salutation 2

What is it: You’ll need to clear some floor space for this sequence – but it’s worth it for the entire body stretch, including thighs, hips, abs, chest, and throat.

Why we love it: A yoga sequence flows like a dance – though there are several postures here, each flows to the other seamlessly. It’s a great sequence to energize your class on a cold, gray day.

How to do it:

  • Clear some space and stand at least arm’s length away from desks.

  • Begin by standing tall in mountain pose.

  • Bend at your waist and reach for your feet for forward fold.

  • With your breath, move into halfway lift by moving your hands up your shins and flattening your back.

  • Sit back into chair pose. Stay for one full inhale and exhale.

  • Stand tall and step your right foot behind you and bend your left leg into a lunge. Keep hands at hips or raise them overhead.

  • After one full breath cycle (inhale and exhale) move your right foot back to meet your left, in the same position that you started.

  • Lean forward and rest your arms on your desk, keeping legs straight (a modified Downward Dog position). Stay for three full breath cycles.

  • Stand tall and move your left leg back while bending your right knee for a lunge on your opposite side. Keep hands on hips or raise them above your head. Hold for one full breath cycle.

  • Step your left foot forward to meet your right.

  • Sit back into chair pose.

  • Straighten your legs and lift your back halfway for halfway lift.

  • End in mountain pose.

Some yogis say that sun salutations are nearly 2,500 years old. They are traditionally done to honor the light – or the sun – as the physical and spiritual heart of our world. But it’s also a great sequence to warm up tight muscles or bring energy to a sleepy classroom.

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