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Staying Cool and Calm in the Summertime

While most of our ZENworks Yoga programming takes a breather over Summer vacation…that doesn’t mean that your yoga and mindfulness practices have to stop.

We’ve pulled together some Summer fun tips to keep you feeling cool, calm & collected throughout the warmer months.

1. Get outside!

Greet the sun early in your day (think in the first hour after you wake) & you will boost your serotonin levels, which can help boost your mood AND give you a better night’s sleep! Read more here!

-Practice to try: breath of joy or a sun breath

2. Get playful!

Summer is a great time to have fun and play some games, no matter your age. You can create a fun spin on some classic games with the following ideas.

-Practices to try:

  • Play ‘Simon says’ using yoga poses (make sure everyone knows the poses by name before you begin!)

  • yoga & mindfulness bingo card

  • Put on some music and play freeze dance with yoga poses during the pause

3.Find your flow!

Sometimes in Summer, we can lose a sense of structure or routine that we have during the school year. Creating a morning and/or evening routine including yoga and mindfulness practices can be a great way to keep your mind, body, and breath healthy and happy.

Tip: Pairing a new routine before/after something you already do, like brushing your teeth, can make it more likely to stick over time.

-Practice to try: Take 3 belly breaths, then use our Sun Salutation card to move your body

4. Invite your friends and family!

Whether you’re playing in a park, having a cookout, or at a friend’s house…yoga is an awesome activity to share with those around you. Tune in to one of our videos from our online library, and have some mindful fun together

-Practice to try: any video in our library

5. Get inspired by nature!

The warm weather may mean you’re spending more time outside, and there are so many reminders of peace if we tune in.

-Practice to try: bee breath; 5 senses mindfulness practice; tree pose; cloud watching


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