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Using Digital Materials to Spur Creativity

Technology has become an ever-increasing part of the curriculum – and since technology is always changing, there is always something new to learn and try to incorporate in your classroom. This doesn’t have to be a pain! Learning about new digital tools can be something you and your students do together.

Research shows that all kids are born with an innate sense of creativity. As they grow, some will retain that streak, while it will start to go dormant in others. One of our goals as teachers and parents is to continue to cultivate that streak and help it grow.

“Creativity” doesn’t necessarily mean “artistic”. Someone who is scientifically or mathematically inclined also needs to be a creative thinker in order to problem solve.

Older kids can begin to use online tools to help them start a blog using a tool like WordPress, create a website using a site like Wix, or even build their own app using a tool like Appmakr. Present your students with a problem, and have them find a technology to solve it.

Various apps are now available to help us with most of the things we do on a day to day basis. As a class, you can learn about as many as possible. Either as a group or individual project, assign students to find an app that they think will be of use in the classroom, and have them create a lesson around teaching the rest of the class how to use their chosen app. AmaZEN U is a great resource for this project! A student team can teach the rest of the class (and you!) how best to navigate the site and find the yoga and mindfulness videos appropriate for your class situation.

Technology and creativity really do complement one another, when placed in the right hands.

Visit for more than 100 yoga and mindfulness videos for your home and classroom. Subscriptions start at just $9/month.

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