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ZENworks Yoga // Meet the Board Member Megan Johnston

Meet the Board Member!

Meet Megan Johnston, a board member for ZENworks Yoga. As part of the Board, Megan helps ensure that our programs and events are staying true to our mission of bringing yoga and wellness to kids in under-resourced schools and communities throughout Northeast Ohio.

What inspired you to become a ZENworks Yoga board member?

I got to know ZENworks Yoga’s Executive Director Sonya Patel in 2011 when we worked together at Breakthrough Charter Schools. I work with children in under-served areas of Cleveland and can see firsthand the benefit of yoga and mindfulness to help children regulate themselves and manage their stress. I was so impressed with Sonya’s vision and passion, so when she asked me to join the board it was an honor and I jumped at the chance.

What is one of your favorite moments as a board member?

One of my favorite moments was one of the first events we ever held, in a warehouse in Midtown Cleveland. We got to experience a beautiful evening yoga class looking out at the lights of the city, and our families and friends were there to support us in the early stages of our journey.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Downward dog is my favorite position. When I am stressed I tend to carry it in my lower back, so when I stretch into the downward dog position I can feel the tension float away and my muscles open up.


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