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Creating an Indoor Recess with Yoga

Unless you live somewhere warm and wonderful, like Florida or Arizona, your class will inevitably be having recess indoors several days this winter. Recess inside can be tricky, because you want the students to burn energy, but without destroying the indoor space to which they are confined. You also want them to be calm and focused when they return to class a half hour or so later.

With amaZEN U’s yoga video subscription, you can host a yoga themed indoor recess. Yoga activities allow kids to have a physical outlet for their energy that doesn’t involve chaos. It also exercises their mind so they’ll be prepared for the rest of the afternoon.

Divide your students into four or five groups. Create a yoga flow using “stations” in different areas of your room. Each group starts at a different station then moves together to the next station. Through these stations, you can create a yoga sequence. Students can flow through the entire routine two or three times, or you can change the stations to new poses once the students have been to all of them.

For younger kids, try the Chair 1, Seated Mountain 1 and Lions Breath 1 videos. Older students will benefit from poses such as Horse 2, Camel 2 and Ninja Breath 2. Throw in some planks or seated bow pose and you have stations for a yoga sequence!

You can also check out more amaZEN U sequences for indoor recess in our previous blog.

If you haven’t already subscribed to amaZEN U’s yoga videos, do it today! Subscriptions are only $5 per month, and your first month is FREE!


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