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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Classroom

Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions in your personal life, try making them for your classroom this 2017. Make your own, or try our suggestions.

Cultivating a positive classroom environment

Resolve this year to create the most positive classroom environment possible for your students. Encourage students to compliment each other and help one another when needed. Group projects are a great way to facilitate an interactive environment among students who many not work together by choice, thus creating new friendships in the process. And of course, your room should have a zero tolerance bullying policy.

Plan periods of movement every day

Research has repeatedly shown that exercise and movement during the school day can help students decrease testing anxiety and increase focus and concentration. A great activity to get kids up and moving (and encourage a positive classroom vibe) is a quick game of musical chairs! Students are up and out of their chairs, moving around the classroom. If that sounds too rowdy for your room, a quick yoga or breathing exercise from our online video collection can help keep your students calm while still encouraging mindful activity.

Encourage Parental Involvement

Perhaps one of the greatest indicators of student success is parental involvement. Update your classroom website with homework assignments so parents are knowledgeable about what is expected of their child outside the classroom. Offer optional activities that students can do at home with their parents. If you teach younger students (and your school allows it) organize a luncheon for parents where you can showcase some of the things that their child has been working on in the classroom.

Let us know the classroom resolutions that you’re making this year, or that you’ve kept in the past! Share at or tweet us at!


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